Ok maybe not… but I can dress the part pretty well and manage to look sexy all at once.  I had help achieving the dangerous aspect, thanks to my friend Bouncer Criss owner of Bounce This Poses, I got these awesome gun poses. In the first pic I’m using one of the poses from the Girls Gun Pose Pack. This comes with 4 poses and 2 Desert Eagles courtesy of Epic Arsenal. The guns are color change by touch menu.


For the second pic, I’m using one of the poses from the Kill the Walkers Pose set. Comes with 5 poses, but the guns aren’t included.


Lastly I’ll talk about the fashion to achieve this look. I put this outfit together from about 3 different Sn@tch outfits. The camos are from Muff Punch, tank is from Tough Cookie, it was a Blue Light Special, and the belt is from Summer Soldier a past fish for this outfit. I am loving the new hair trend with cool color blocks and color gradients. Two hair makers released new hairs with cool color gradients. this weekend. Only one included the new colors in the demo. Guess who I bought? The hair is Dare from Magika one of the 4 colors in the color trio pack. Finally, the touch that, I think,  makes this look so real, the After The Battle Tattoo from Dirtyland.

Skin: Al Vulo
Hair: Magika
Piercings: HoD
Tat: Dirtyland
Nails and Tape: Sinistyle
Necklace: LOULOU & Co.
Mouth Ciggie: Hermony
Armband Cig pack: Dirtyland
Outfit: Sn@tch
Belt: Sn@tch
Boots: GoS

Poses & Guns: Bounce This Poses.

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