Over the past weeks a few things have happened that made me toy with the idea of taking a different direction in my usual style.  I’ve been blogging fashion for almost 4 years. In the past 2 I’ve tried to gravitate toward a style that was more “acceptable” in the mainstream fashion community. As mesh fashion becomes more and more popular, I find that I’m giving up more of what I like and what is Lourdes in order to fit in.  So, I’m taking a step away from all that and taking a detour. I’m going to experiment in a different style.


Don’t get me wrong I love mesh; hair, shoes, eyes, lashes and various accessories. When it comes to clothes, I’ll be far more discriminating. After all we wear the clothes, the clothes shouldn’t wear us.

That said, one of the first stores I found in my fashion detour is Dirtyland, also available on the Marketplace. I dropped alot of lindens in there on my first visit. I plan to go back and get more.


Hair: (red)mint
Skin: Al Vulo
Top: Dirtyland
Skirt: Dirtyland
Tattoo: Dirtyland
Gloves & Pearls: Dirtyland
Piercings: HoD
Stockings: Razorblade Jacket
Boots: GoS

Poses: *EverGlow*


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