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I’m Ready

I’m ready, (you know I’m ready)
To love you (to love you)
Forever (forever)
Hey love now
Come and love me forever more

I'm Ready//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

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Too Close & Hair Fair 2015 Is Very Very Close

I’ve been a lazy blogger. I meant to blog this 2 days ago but I’m lazy. So today I have stuff from Elikatira, Izzie’s and Birdy. Also a reminder about the upcoming Hair Fair. YAY!!

Too Close

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Da la Vuelta

My Slink Obssession opened after a brief hiatus on July 5th. Today I have items from Hopscotch, Izzie’s and A:S:S. Also from a new event called Mix, I have this cute hair and hat combo from The Secret Store. Lastly a new pose set from *EverGlow* at Candy Fair 2015.

Da la Vuelta

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