I was thinking to myself today perhaps I should make an effort to try and get things for events blogged closer to the event opens. Then I thought about all the planning this would entail and decided against it. Why?


Blogging is my hobby. I do it for fun. I have a full time job which pays well and includes excellent benefits. I’ll be damned if I’ll make my hobby seem like a job with no pay and no benefits. Also considering the way some store owners and event organizers treat bloggers like thier personal PR slaves, I have no desire to put in that much time and dedication. Now of course my choice to treat my blog as something fun I do on the side means I’m not the most popular blogger. Thats fine, most of the most popular and/or best (notice they are not the same) bloggers are unemployed and/or have lots of time on their hands to spend in SL and slaving away in photoshop.

So getting on point today’s blog has items from C88, Uber, and The Liaison Collaborative.


Skin: Alterego maliyah – caramel
Hair: little bones. Supreme –C88–
Top: ISON – bandage back top (black) –C88–
Pants: ISON – side lace pants (tan) –C88–
Bag: LaGyo The Devil Tarot Clutch –C88–
Nails: {Wicked} Peach – Mani/Pedi – Winter Basics Slink
Shoes: Eudora 3D Elvira Heels – Black –Uber–

Pose: Everglow – Comfy –TLC–

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