Every Time I Close My Eyes

And every time I close my eyes
I thank the lord that I’ve got you
And you’ve got me too
And every time I think of it
I pinch myself ’cause
I don’t believe it’s true
That someone like you
Loves me too

Every Time I Close My Eyes

I started a debate that got rather heated the other day about crediting poses. I did not intend for the debate to get heated. I just happened to see a blog post I liked and I thought the pose was cute. When I checked the blogger’s credits, she had credited everything she was wearing even the location of the photo but failed to credit the pose. Because this blogger chose not to credit the pose, for whatever reason, that pose store missed out on a potential sale. I’ve credited my poses ever since, years ago, a pose maker I respected started the same discussion. I’m just asking to bring awareness, lets try to show some love to the pose-makers. The pose you chose is as important to your blog post as the clothes you are wearing. Good poses are hard to find and a bad pose can ruin a picture.

Today I’m showing some love to oOo Studio. oOo Studio is one of our favorites when it comes to couples poses. Olaenka recently released a set of poses inspired by National Dance Day, which was last Sunday.We’re using the Equilibrium pose from the set.

Also Truth has some newness and I’m wearing the Qopi style in one of the light brown fades. I’m becoming re-acquainted with the updated Truth textures. I think one of my fav light browns got the axe but thats ok, I’m mostly a raven haired girl anyway.


Skin: Glam Affair – Cleo – India – Clean
Hair: Truth – Qopi
Bikini: Boom
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer
Feet & Hands: SLink
Nails: Flair – Nail Set 111

Skin: Belleza
Shorts: Fatewear
Feet: Slink

Pose: oOo Studio: Equilibrium


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