Home and Garden Expo 2013

You just have today and tomorrow left to shop the Home and Garden Expo to benefit Relay For Life. Below is a full expo map and here is a link to guide to the different sims.

Second spaces has some very cute decor items available. Two of the items are the honeycomb wall decor and the messy bookshelf. I am displaying them inside the Hope Cottage from Dorian. I love the inside wall textures.

H&G Expo01

The Hope Cottage from Dorian is just beautiful. Its one of my favorite houses from the H&G Expo. Its small and the indoor and outdoor looks is just adorable. The Patio Swing is also available and matches wonderfully with the cottage. I’m also using Barnesworth Anubis’ flagstone pavers and potters to decorate outdoors.

H&G Expo03

H&G Expo02

Lastly {what next}, which is one of my fav furniture stores BTW, has the Garden Cafe Tables at the expo this year. The blue is the RFL item. As usual you have the amazing workmanship of {what next} with the amazing attention to detail we’ve come to expect. For landscaping I used the pretty tulips from Organica and a tree, trellis and grass from Forest Feast.

H&G Expo04

Pic 1:
*SS* Honeycomb Wall – all pink (bxd)
*SS* Messy bookshelf (bxd)

Pic 2 & 3:
Dorian Hope Cottage – Expo Editiion Rezzer
Hope Patio Swing – Expo Edition – By Dorian
[ba] beveled stone planters – packaged
[ba] flagstone pavers path kit – packaged

Pic 4:
{what next} Garden Cafe Table (blue)
forest feast spring field grass(S) purple
forest feast ~Sylvains tree Green red trans
[ Organica ] Mesh Tulips 1 (RFL)(Package)


One thought on “Home and Garden Expo 2013”

  1. Strangely, this year’s Expo hasn’t moved me. In what little I’ve seen of it, nothing has truly caught my eye. A sad thing, too, because I’m in the market for a new house. I’ll have to do some shopping elsewhere to find something.

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