Caught Up

With this blog post I’ll be caught up with all the pictures with items I wanted to blog. Sometimes it can be hard because I work full-time. I usually put several outfits together over the weekend and take pics all at once for a weeks worth of blogging. Its very rare that I can blog weekend events or one day only events. And sometimes I may blog something that was at an event after the event is over. Take for instance the Valentine Cross jewelry set from Maxi Gossamer. This was one of the items for Limited Bazaar. For Limited Bazaar, 16 or so stores have an item for sale but there is only 100 of the item. Once it reaches 100 it says sold out and that’s it. Now I don’t know if it means forever or just at that price. I think it is worth checking out every 2 weeks when they start a new cycle. Don’t wait for Seraphim to cover it, usually by the time they cover most of the popular items are gone. So join the subscribo so you know ASAP when a new collection has started.

Caught Up

Coldlogic recently had a big release of several layered tops and sweaters. It was overwhelming, the different styles and colors and textures. I’ve said it before, but ColdLogic is really one of my favorite stores, every release has something I love, and the quality of their items is amazing. The sweaters and shirts in these release are no different.
Another of my favorite stores, but a different style all together is Sakide. Sakide released some new slim mesh jeans recently. I love jeans in SL. My jeans folder is extensive but unfortunately I don’t have many pairs of mesh jeans. 9 times out of 10 I’ll wear clothing layer jeans before mesh ones. The main reason for me is I think most slim jeans in mesh the thighs are too thin and there is gap. In RL my thighs touch in SL my avatars thighs touch. I think they should touch in mesh jeans also. That is why I have so few mesh jeans in my collection. So back to the Sakide Slim Mesh Jeans, they come in 2 cuffs straight and turned up.

Caught Up

Lastly I talked about the new Truth Fades color pack introduced with the last release on SCD yesterday. I’m wearing the fades shade call Elvira here on the Demi Style. It totally completes my purple and black look.

Skin: *League* Isla Suntan Natural
Lips: Blacklace Beauty Candy Lips Violet
Hair: >TRUTH< Demi – elvira
Top: coldLogic shirt – farrell.purple
Jeans: [ SAKIDE ] Slim Jeans Black Cuffed
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer Valentina Cross
Nails: Izzie’s – Gradient Nails
Bag: House of Fox :: Steffani LUX Tote [Black]
Shoes: *G*Field*[Mesh] Wedge Bootie “Beth” -black-

Poses: Adorkable Poses


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