In Those Jeans

I love jeans, both in RL and SL. I have my favorite clothing layer jeans that I don’t think will ever give up. But mesh jeans haven’t worked out too well for me except for a couple of brands. Both styles are flairs. I have had a terrible problem with skinny jeans. My 2 main issues were 1) HUGE gap between the legs. 2) The thighs were way too skinny for my taste. I think I have come to terms with the fact that, for the foreseeable future I will never have the same luscious thighs in mesh that I am accustomed to in clothing layers. Now the mission is to find the skinny jeans that I can live with.  The good news is I think I found them.

Untitled for now..

Lapointe and Bastchild released the Skinny Zip jeans. There are 3 different lengths accomodate the type of shoes/boots you are wearing. ALSO the best part of them all. They have 2 additional sizes beyond the regular standard sizing: M+ and S+. The size M+ fits my normal avatar shape perfectly. The size s+ fits my “standard sizing UGH” shape. Seriously thats the name I have for the shape because its like squeezing my curves into a body corset to fit into some mesh items. But I digress, the Skinny Zip Jeans are fab, and you want to get your butt over there and grab some demos.

ZombiePopcorn Brand - Wasabi Pills

Lastly you want to head on over to the last couple of days of this round of ZombiePopcorn Brand. I’m wearing the punky Skype style from Wasabi Pills available at this round of ZPB. You can read more about it on my blog post over on the ZombiePopcorn Blog.

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Skye Mesh Hair – Night shadow
Skin: *League* Isla Suntan Natural
Lips: Blacklace Beauty Sticky LipGloss – Clear
Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Pale Onyx)
Face & Chest Piercing: – .HoD. – Compassion Piercing Set – Razor
Ear Piercing: – .HoD. – Counterpart Ear Piercings – Razor
Top: =Razorblade Jacket= Criss Cross Tank /// Black
Jeans: Lapointe & Bastchild Mesh Jeans Black Skinny Zip
Shoes: N-core ZEN “Pure Black”
Tat: Vestigium – Dead Ink
Gloves: dirtyland:: Black Perls Magic gloves
Bracelet: dirtyland:: Rock star bracelets
Nails & Rings: MANDALA/female/SINRA 2 NAIL/black

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