Lourdes’ Digits Part 2

Strawberry Singh put out a call for a digits again after the mesh revolution. My friends and readers know I have a love hate relationship with mesh in its current form. While I do recognize that SS is a god send to mesh clothing designers, it was an epic fail for me. I’m one of very few avatars (according to the developers of Standard Sizing) that fall in the no man’s land between Standard Size M and L. Medium is too small and Large is extremely too big for my shape.

Standard Sizing is made optimal for those that fall into the xxxxxxs to s range. There is a 7 point difference between the smallest small and medium, in body fat and a 14 point difference between medium and large. Avatars with shapes like mine are left with the option trim down to medium SS numbers where curves are non existent, or bulk up to fit the large. What did I do?

Lourdes' Digits Part 2

Well, you guys remember the dreaded system skirt? If you didn’t mod your shape you ended up gaining 40 lbs just from wearing it. You got a gigantic ass and hips as wide as the Lincoln Tunnel. If you wanted to look good in a system skirt you created an alternate system skirt shape. The system skirt shape was shapeless and just down right FUG, but it didn’t matter because the skirt had its own shape. That is exactly what I did for mesh. I created an alternate shape that is worn under mesh. Its ugly it has no curves, no ass and its only good for being worn under mesh where it will be alpha’d out. Truth be told when you wear mesh you aren’t wearing your shape you are wearing the shape of the clothes, and whatever isn’t alpha’d out is the shape created from SS or whatever sizing standard the clothing maker decided to use.

So yes for mesh I refused to modify my main shape and just created a fugly alternate to wear under mesh. But I don’t wear all mesh. I shy away from pants, leggings and jeans that have legs that are toothpicks. Mesh lingerie and swimwear are only good for photos if at all. Most mesh tops, shorts and dresses are ok. I have no issues what so ever with mesh shoes and accessories.

To answer Berry’s questions.
1) I wear mesh but I wear it as often as system layer clothing. There are some things just can not be done and look as good as system layers with mesh as far as I’m concerned. Bikini’s and lingerie are two things the come to mind. The SS medium shape in a bikini make me want to cry.
2) I created an alternate shape to wear under mesh. Its not and never will be my everyday shape.
3) The mesh deformer or whatever alternate the community develops may resolve mesh issues, but it won’t affect how often I wear mesh. I have very little faith in LL or their ability to implement anything in an effective manner. The mesh deformer or its alternate solution are so far off, its a non issue for me.

I also want to add. I have far better success with mesh designers who don’t use SS. With non SS mesh sizing I am able to fit a size medium or large with my every day shape. Also, these are my opinions about my avatar and my shape. I have to look at my avatar everyday so how my avatar looks is important to me. What you do with your avatar is your choice. So don’t take what I say as a personal attack on you if you wear a SS shape with pride. Your avatar your rules.

Hair: Wasabi Pills
Skin: Izzie’s
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer
Bikini: Boom

Poses: *EverGlow*


One thought on “Lourdes’ Digits Part 2”

  1. You brought up a great point about the difference in sizes in Standard Sizing. I didn’t even realize there was such a huge gap between the medium and large. It’s a shame there is not a size in between that.

    Thanks for participating again Lourdes! ❤

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