Home Decor: Charlotte Living

I recently decided to test the waters with blogging home and garden stuff. I’m not very good at decorating but I try. It took me awhile to get this room looking good enough to blog. So I apologize that I was not able to blog the Charlotte living room set from {what next} during the Home and Garden Expo. But there is good news. The Charlotte living room is now available at the {what next} main store and on the marketplace. The furniture and decor is from {what next} except the people and the dog. LOL

Charlotte Living

We recently bought a nice southwestern type house from Funky Junk at Culture Shock. I love the southwestern exterior, but on the inside I wanted something more traditional.  That means re-texturing, which I have never done before. I messed up the first few times and Sal had to rezz a fresh house. The fab wall textures I used are from Insight Designs in the Wallpaper and Panels Texture pack. Thank you to Amisha who encouraged me when I thought I couldn’t do it. You can visit Insight Designs in world or on the marketplace. If you’re like me, you’ll develop a texture addiction and want to re-texture EVERYTHING!! The textures from Insight Designs are just that good.

Furniture and Decor: {what next}
Wall Textures: Insight Designs – Wallpaper and Panels Texture pack
Floor Texture: [Torn] – Polished Wood Texture


2 thoughts on “Home Decor: Charlotte Living”

  1. It looks fantastic!!! I’ll let you into a secret at the beginning I was forever selecting and texturing the wrong bits. Lesson learned, or so I thought when I recently accidently undone hours of work retexturing a new build, rather than put the texture on one wall I put it over the whole building…ceiling, floors, windows were all a lovely shade of grey!
    More interiors please!!! 😀

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