So Many Things, So Little Time

I was just talking to my friend Ry about how its difficult to be a good blogger in SL, do good quality pictures, keep up on events and new releases and have a full time job and family to take care of. I get discouraged sometimes when I see some of my fellow bloggers churn out 2 to 3 sometimes 5 blog posts daily, where if I can blog 3 times a week its a major achievement. But it always helps to talk to a successful fellow blogger that has even less time than I do. So all that leading up to this post is because there are TONS of things going on and coming up and ending.

The most recent release from Insolence is the Mary lingerie in several soft and pretty pastel colors. It comes with the standard bra, panties, garter and stockings in several color choices all on multiple layers. I like this piece because it has a very soft delicate look. You almost feel like you can reach out and touch the soft fabric reminiscent of your grandmother’s delicate needlework lace and trims.

So Many Things

I went for a totally different look than usual. I went to Skin Addiction’s Skin Showcase, which runs until June 10th. I have been a fan from afar of Ploom’s skins. I picked up her new Dahlia skin. I don’t usually buy skins anymore with the make-up baked on, but she includes a bare version in the pack so I can use my own make-up. One thing I love on her skins are the lips. They look so moist and kissable. The next thing I love the most about this skin pack she includes NAIL GLOVES!!! I wear prim nails practically all the time and matching nail gloves is as bad or worse than matching prim feet. ALL skins should include nail gloves. Just like cleavage is standard for most skins, so should nail gloves.

I though this reddish color of Exile’s Late At Night Hair, available at TDR-B, went perfect with Dahlia For the first time in a long time I’m doing red hair. I tend to shy away from red for alot of reasons. The only reason I’ll mention here, is that I think that there is an over saturation of red heads in the community. But its a good costume to thrown on every now and again.

So Many Things

My Attic will be closing tomorrow, so you have one more day to pick up these sexy poses from Adorkable called Paint Me. 8 poses, mirrors included that are just perfect for lingerie posing.  The pretty fountain and benches in this post are a hunt item for the Mesh Around hunt which beings June first, sponsored by The Ego Co. You can see my post over at the Ego Co. here.

Skin: Ploom Dahlia – Honey
Hair: Exile – Late At Night
Lingerie: Insolence Mary – Pink
Shoes: G*Field Flower Pumps – White

Poses: Adorkable – Paint Me
Fountain and Benches: Black Rose – Mermaid Fountain

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