Barely a handful

From the moment I put on Aura’s Low Rise Boho mesh skirt, I knew how I wanted to pose for blogging.  Unfortunately neither Sal or myself could remember where we had seen the pose I wanted, though we’d seen it 100 times and passed on it. Thank goodness my friend Bouncer Criss, men’s fashion blogger and owner of Bounce This Poses, came to our rescue. This skirt needed a special shirt and I decided Sal was going to be my shirt. We had fun working on getting the pose fitted for us. As Sal’s hand were fitted into position I noticed with horror, I’m barely a handful. This is unacceptable. I’m ample (ok maybe a wee bit more than ample) busted IRL I want my avatar to be the same.  I say to the boys… “I think I may look into getting LOLA’s or something, just small ones.”  I have never seen two men so quick to talk a woman out of getting bigger bewbies. But what would you expect from two ass men. Haha.

Barely a handful

For the location I wanted to take the pic in The Garden. We have a beach sim, but sometimes we like a bit of greenery. We use Turnip’s Spring Skydome for our garden. I recently decorated with grasses and flowers from Heart Botanicals Harmony Meadow System. The Garden is also home to all my butterfly babies from Papillon Breedables. As you can see here, I have more than butterflies. I have will o wisps, dragonflies and fireflies. I have to say these breedables are the ones I’ve enjoyed the most so far. I could go on for days about Papillon butterflies. There are so many wing styles and colors and effect mutations, like bubbles, sparkles, hearts, cherry blossoms. They are one of the cheapest breedables and you can get amazing results without having to sacrifice your shopping lindens.

Hair: Truth
Skin: Al Vulo
Skirt: Aura
Jewelry: Viva La Glam (I miss them)

Pose: Bounce This Poses

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