Fashion For Life 2012

Did you guys know that Fashion For Life starts tomorrow March 10th at noon SLT and runs until March 20th? Be sure to go to the Fashion For Life web page for all the info.

This year there are over 200 stores on a whooping 10 sims. This should reduce lag significantly. There is a hunt, a raffle, and event called 55 for Life being held on 3/16 and like last year there will be gatcha areas.  There will be live entertainment on one of the sims for at least 12 hours each day.  The ladies and gents that organize this event have really gone all out to make this event a succcess. The RFL events are one of few charity events that you can trust in knowing that the money is handled properly.  If you can fill a sim for over 3 days for Slut Couture you can fill these 10 sims up to help fight cancer.

Look for lots of posts from me and my fellow bloggers covering the wonderful fashions avaible at Fashon For Life. You may also see me showing some skin in a vendor ad for an exclusive FFL item. *winky winky*  Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back.


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