March Mesh Madness: ColdLogic

March Mess Madness started March 1st. From the moment I TP’d in I was in love. I love the layout and all the vendors are just magnificent, honestly. I have two favorite finds, one I can show and one that didn’t show up so well in the pics.

ColdLogic has been one of my favorite stores since they opened not very long ago. Their designs are a style that you don’t see very much in SL. Every new release I run over and grab the newness.  One of ColdLogics releases for MMM is the Robin combo. Its a tube top and jacket combination. You can wear them together or separate.

March Mesh Madness: ColdLogic

Coldlogic uses the standard sizing for their product. I finally had to bite the bullet and make a shape that fit the medium size. For this outfit I’m wearing I didn’t need to use my mesh shape.  So you all can probably wear one size smaller with this set. Wasabi Pills also has a new hair release at MMM, but I’m stupid and got my hairs mixed up. This is Monique which was released before Ginger which is available at MMM. You can see Ginger on my blog post: Lazy Bitches Love Stumblebum on SCD.

March Mesh Madness: ColdLogic

You can barely see them in this picture, but I found a store called Gossamer. I am in love with their mesh lashes. They and they all sell mesh jewelry. The prices are extremely reasonable. You’ll be surprised.

Hair: Wasabi Pills
Outfit: Cold Logic
Jewelry: EarthStones

Poses: Evolve


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