Ponygirls vs Barbies

A couple of weeks ago Alicia Chenaux did a blog post addressing the trend of wide hipped shapes (referred to herein as ponygirls) that are becoming popular on the feeds. Immediately there was an outcry that the “barbies” were attacking their style. The ponygirls stated they had a right to look different and that they didn’t want to look the same as all the barbies on the feeds. So now we have a divide that is growing larger and hostilities are rising.

Honestly, I am not a fan of the ponygirl look but I have learned to look past the shapes to what is worn and how its styled and accessorized. In that regard I think that both camps can benefit from each other. An item when worn by a different person or used in a different way can become something entirely new.

Ponygirls vs Barbies

I have found stores that were new to me that have items that I could incorporate into whatever look I’m chosing for that day.  What is the goal of the fashion blogger? To blog fashion and in order to effectively do that we have to be on the look for whats new. We have to be willing to expand our horizons and our inventories. In the end does it really matter what shape is wearing the cute pink boots, if you know you can pwn those same boots, in your next blog post, like a boss?

Ponygirls vs Barbies

That said, until recently I’ve never bought anything from (red)mint. But I was seeing their recent hairs all over the feeds with the color block and I thought it was pretty cool. I went over to (red)mint got a demo and tp’d back over to buy a hair pack. Well I didn’t let everything rez and I bought pack 21 instead of 20. So here I have this hair with a hat which is not what I wanted. I threw it in my inventory and forgot about it for about a week. For some reason I added (red)mint to my feedly and saw these cute little skirts. I thought meh, I haven’t done serious whore-wear in awhile.  I had fun getting the look together and fought the urge to go for black lipstick and sourpuss lips. I wanted to make sure I still looked like pink barbie goodness, to get my point across for this post.

Ponygirls vs Barbies

In conclusion we may not like each others shapes, but we can learn and evolve from one another.

Skin: Aura
Hair: (red)mint
Top: (red)mint
Skirt: (red)mint
Tats: Garden of Ku
Finger Tape: Sinistyle
Nails: RezIspa Loc
Stocking: Luck Inc.
Boots: GoS

Poses: Purple Poses

2 thoughts on “Ponygirls vs Barbies”

  1. Well, I think you are super awesome Barbie goodness- hat or no hat that hair is super cute (and PINK! ftw).
    I just have to comment and I would be interested to see ho many “false hits” you get with the word “ponygirl” in the text… for you see this is a TOTALLY different thing than what you mean, I think 😉 LOL.

    And I don’t so much care for the sad faces and out of proportion look either, and I tend to just scroll on past the blogs that use this shape. Figuring that they and I have totally different tastes to begin with.


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