Post Wedding Part 1: Bridal Party Fashion

Last night was the wedding. There were some great pics during the ceremony but I’m going to save those for another blog post because Sal and I are still gathering them up. A couple of weeks before the wedding we got together with the wonderful Ms. Strawberry Singh for wedding pics.  She did such a wonderful job. The following pics are Ms. Singh’s amazing photography. I love her so much right now.

Now lets talk about what we wore. My dress is the Laura dress from Son!a. I always wanted a dress that was less princess and more temptress. It had to be sexy without being trashy. Sal’s tuxedo is the Modern Black Ornate Tuxedo from Lapointe and Bastchild with an optional tie addon to match the wedding colors. L&B have some of the best tuxedos on the grid, and they appear to upgrade them to keep up with modern fashion standards, for men at least.

The Wedding of Lourdes and Salvatore

The Wedding of Lourdes and Salvatore

Kess the Maid of Honor and Stormy the Best Woman are both wearing dresses from Cattiva e Cattivo.

The Wedding of Lourdes and Salvatore

The poses we were used were from oOo Studio for pics 1 and 2. Olaenka, makes incredible poses and her wedding poses are top notch. Seil Expression for pic 3. Seil Expression has the most fun group wedding poses I’ve seen.

In part 2 we’ll talk about where I had my wedding and all the little details. Until next time… ♥


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