Love Is All You Need

As you already know we have Chic’s Back to Black event going right now. In addition the Juicy Crush On You event is happening this week.  Be sure to check out the coverage of both events on the Seraphim Blog. The ladies on Seraphim do a fabulous job covering all the events. I depend on them so much, I don’t go to an event until after I’ve seen their coverage.

At the Crush on you event, Mudhoney has the Juliet Chair, with 7 couples animations, 6 parent & child animations and 20 singles animations and the Love Is All You Need Poster.  I’m wearing the Serenity Leisure Outfit from by Lizzie at Back to Black. I love the pants they look so comfy. Salvatore is wearing the black Survival T-shirt from T-Junction and WTG Jewelry’s Courage necklace. Both items are also available at Back to Black.

Love Is All You Need

I bet you are wondering about that HUGE plant next to me. Thats my PlantPets Moth Orchid. I’m a big fan of PlantPets. The plants have babies every 45 days or so and once you buy one you don’t have to feed it. Just click a button to water them. One day I’ll take a few pics of my green house.

Love Is All You Need

Feetz: SLink

Skin: Belleza
Top: T-Junction (Black to Black)
Necklace: WTG Jewelry (Back to Black)
Shorts: Aoharu

Skin: Al Vulo
Hair: Maitreya
Outfit: Lizzie’s (Back to Black)

Furniture: Mudhoney (Juicy Crush On You) and PlantPets


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