Lingerie Challenge & 52WOC Alice Blue

This week I am killing two birds with one stone. First I’m doing Gogo’s 12 Days of Lingerie Challenge. I don’t blog every day so it will be a 2 weeks of lingerie for however may days I blog. Secondly I am doing 52 WOC Alice Blue. My goal this year is to do all the colors I like and so far I’ve been successful.

I was very happy to see that RezIspa Loc released Alice Blue lingerie and matching nails for the final Moody Monday’s.  The lingerie comes in two versions, black lace trim and blue lace trim.

52WOC & Lingerie Challenge

I have to say honestly, after seeing all the other lovely lingerie challenge posts, Lourdes is feeling a bit fat. Its all good, fat girls can be sexy too.

52WOC & Lingerie Challenge

Skin: Al Vulo
Make-up: Ricelli
Hair: Truth
Lingerie: RezIspa Loc
Shoes: G*Field

Pose Prop: Magnifique Poses

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