Lourna’s Day

You’re probably asking, “Who is Lourna?” Lourna is my Zooby Baby. Right now I know those reading are judging.  If you want to judge me over a photo prop and fashion accessory, feel free.

To those still reading, regardless of what you do with your Zooby Baby there are lots and lots of accessories, clothes and toys for your Zooby Baby. I recently went shopping for Lourna. I look good so she has to look good when I want to photograph with her. I found Sweet Penelope, from one Ry and Sixx’s storyline blog posts.  They really should do more of those, we all know eMMa is the star of those stories. 😉

Anyway, I got this cute pink outfit and and matching hat.  One thing that I think the Zooby babies are missing are ways to pose the baby for pictures.  Considering the price you’d think that the baby would come with a few poses for family shots.

Lourna's Day

Once I got Lourna all dressed up, I figured it was a good time for a Sunday walk at Prospect Park.

Lourna's Day


2 thoughts on “Lourna’s Day”

  1. Lourna looks adorable! About your pose gripe, though… Glitterati actually just released a bunch of really cute family poses today that incorporate Zooby’s Babies. I know it’s not what you asked for, but you might still like it anyway!

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