Sexy Basics

What defines sexy? I think sexy is relative. Any item of clothing or accessory can be sexy to someone if used in an appealing way. Someone told me once that a woman in jeans was not as sexy as one wearing a skirt. I don’t know about that. I think jeans can be sexy if you “work it”, in the RuPaul sense, just right.

In order to achieve that sexy in jeans look I whipped out a few of my favorite items. I started off with my favorite mesh hair Sachiko from Wasabi Pills. I love the way the hair flows and frames the face. The optional bow and/or hair clip adds just the right touch of innocence.  For the jeans I chose the Mon Tissu Lou Lou jeans, they are some of my all time favorites.  The Flower Pumps Eve from G Field, are some of the best basic pumps on the grid and they don’t require foot matching. Lastly the centerpiece, that shirt that you are all so tired of seeing on the feeds.  I offer no apologies, its a great shirt. The Soft Resolution top from Kyoot, available for Stumblebum this week, is ultra hot. If you are not into showing that much cleavage it works well when layered. All of which is used in conjunction with the ultra sexy Vixie poses from Diesel Works.


Skin: Mynerva
Hair: Wasabi Pills
Top: Kyoot
Necklace: Earthstones
Jeans: Mon Tissu
Shoes: G Field

Pose: Diesel Works


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