Adventures with Mesh

This weekend I decided to hop on the mesh bandwagon for a short trip. I wish I could say it was painless, but I would be lying. I decided to test mesh out on the latest beta viewer.  Having used Firestorm for several months going back to LL viewer was a mild annoyance.  My initial intention was to blog one of the cute mesh purses from BITCH, a new shop in the works by Maxwell Graf of Rustica.  My plans were changed when I saw everyone on plurk going on about the mesh clothing items at Jane. By now I am sure you have heard all the negative aspects of mesh clothing. Tanaquil Beaumont did a great blog post on the pros and cons on her blog Dune.  I went in knowing to what to expect, mainly my sexy curvy shape disappearing with an alpha over the torso. My goal was to pick an item where I wouldn’t totally lose my shape, and I found it in this lovely chevron pattern dress.  The largest size is luscious and it fit pretty well.

Adventures with Mesh

On Friday Sachi Vixen of Adam n Eve released a new line of black skins called Jamila. I am wearing the lightest tone Cappuccino. Jamila comes with 6 lipsticks and 4 eye shadows on tattoo layer that compliment darker skin tones.

Adventures with Mesh

Lastly I had to mention my cute little Pygmy Puff. I put way to many lindens into the gatcha to get the my alt’s desired color. I gave the rejects to Lourdes. It turns out they make pretty good fashion accessories.

Hair: Lelutka
Skin: Adam n Eve
Dress: Jane
Necklace: League
Bag: Bitch
Shoes: G Field
Poses: Poseur


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