Those Eyes: Aphotic Gloom

Since Miriel closed her shop and moved on, I’ve been searching the grid for a new favorite eye store. I have tried several brands.  Most have 1 or 2 colors I like, but I missed going to one eye creator for all my eye needs. I believe my search is over. Aphotic Gloom by Rico Plisskin (who is such a sweetie pie) is my new go to spot for all eyes.  On Sunday,  Aphotic Gloom will be at Fashionably Late with the first collection of Special Editions from the Aquilius Collection. I prefer the Aquilius vs Clarus Collection because of the darker ring around the iris.

Aquilius Special Edition – Rebel and Tirablue

All Aphotic Gloom eyes come with small and regular sized, and prim versions. There is also a dollarbie demo of each collection so you can get a general idea of how the eye will look on your avatar.

Aquilius Collection – Watermelon Dollarbie and Snow from Chromes

Clarus Special Edition 1 – Blubblegum; Special Edition 2 – Pumpkin Pie

Lastly I have to mention the [gi poses] Auto Focus HUD. Its amazing and I believe, a must have for all bloggers and photographers. It focuses your eyes (or your client’s eyes) in one of several direction options available on the HUD. Its the best L$350 you’ll ever spend.


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