Zooby Baby Update: HAIR!!

On Monday I logged into a NC that Zooby had updated their babies and we could now have hair for our babies!! I was so excited. I pounced on Gogo as soon as she logged in to see if she had updated her baby and bought the new hairs. You’d think a woman that blogs hair as much as she does wouldn’t deny her baby some decent hair. Pfft.. she was resistant.  Thats ok,  I picked up Lourna and we headed over to the Zooby sim. I fought the lag and the overly conversational uteruses to get hair for my baby.  After a period of indecision, I settled on the curly black short pig tails.

Lourna's New Hair

Its easy to install the new hair on the baby. You just set the baby down on the floor, rez the hair box next to them and click.  This style has 2 bang options; with or without the headband. I wish there was an option for ribbons on the pig tails and different textures on the headband.

Meanwhile Gogo was still resisting, even after posting a pic on plurk. Finally she relented and Baby Gogo got her own blonde pig tails. Be on the look out for Gogo’s blog post on the Zooby Baby update on her blog Juicybomb.com


If you have pics with your Zooby Baby post them over in the Second Life Babies Flickr Group.


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