Mini Hair Fair 2011 Preview – Exile Part 1

Last night I got my grubby little hands on Exile’s Hair Fair 2011 releases. Unfortunately Second Life didn’t want to cooperate and let me take more than one pic.  So we’re going to call this Part 1 of the Exile preview, with part 2 coming tonight. I’m wearing Glory in Maple with Fern highlights.


HF - Exile - 1

Hair Fair 2011 starts on July 2nd.  Be sure to join the Hair Fair Demo Group, demos will be sent out starting today.  Quote from the Hair Fair Blog:

This year ALL Hairstyles released at Hair Fair will be donation hairstyles, So buy them all!

The money from all donations on hair, bandanas and ad space is going to Wigs for Kids, and a rep will be in world during the event, so if you see him say hi.

Awesome news for a great cause.

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