Lourdes Shows You Her Digits

Strawberry Singh wanted to know our digits, so she could steal our shapes of course. :p


Not a particularly fat shape.  But my shape determines where I shop and where I don’t.  Depending on the creator, fitting prim tops, belts and boots can be a nightmare.  On Long prim skirts my butt sticks out the flexi prims. I love ♥♥♥ it when any prim clothing attachment comes in two sizes in the box.  Poses aren’t much of an issue, until it comes to couples poses. As it is said you must suffer for beauty, and my shape has made me learn how to properly fit prims.

Check out the Whats Your Digits Flickr Group, so many shapes and sizes. Its awesome.


Edit: I just wanted to add. I did not buy my shape it is not for sale. I created this shape over the past 3 years from the newb shape.

Skin: Mynerva
Bikini: Boom
Hair: Exile – Project Fur
Shape: Lourdes Denimore
Poses: Poseur

Photography: Salvatore Otoro

2 thoughts on “Lourdes Shows You Her Digits”

  1. LOL well yes of course, I’ll be opening up my new shape store next month now that I have everyone’s’ digits. 😛 I would love to steal your shape though, you have one of the most sexiest shapes! Thank you for sharing Lourdes and for linking to my post! Appreciate it. ❤

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