INDI Designs and some interesting math

INDI Designs recently released the hooded knit cardigan in several different color choices at $375 each.  Kinda pricey for a sweater.  They have also released outfits that include the cardigan in 2 colors with black skirt and stocking or tights for $550.  Also for this weeks Taste of SL they have the cardigan in pink for the reduced price of $190L.  So basically I got 3 colors of the cardigan plus the skirt and the tights combo all for less than buying 3 of the cardigans individually. I also bought the Lombardi Booties and still came out cheaper than buying 3 cardigans individually. You get the cardigan in all layers and have the choice of scripted/mod prims or unscripted/mod prims.

Its a nice cardigan but if you don’t have to pay $375 don’t. Go check it out and do the math before you buy.



Skin:  []::Tuli::[] Audrey (tone 4/br) :: 02
Hair:  >TRUTH< Allegra Streaked – night
Outfit: INDI Designs – Michelle | INDI Designs – Hooded Knit Cardigan pink (TOSL)
Shoes: INDI Designs – Lombardi Booties black

Poses: !Bang


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