Lingerie Part I – Blacklace

As promised I am back this weekend and showcasing lingerie. Now, if most of you ladies are like me you have tons more lingerie then you will ever wear. But its always good to have more then enough just in case. *wink* I will be showing 3 designers that I love, and breaking it into 3 parts.

For Part I we will look at Blacklace.  First up Passionate Touch in blue. I love the lace, and I also love the detailing on the back. You have to look sessy coming and going girls.

Next we have Laced Dreams. Corsets with laces are always a win.

White is not a color I go for much as far as lingerie. But Enchanted was an exception. Its looks fabulous without looking too innocent.

Last but not least is Velvet Touch in sapphire. Blue is my absolute favorite color and this piece does it justice.

Well that’s all for Part I. Part II will feature outfits from INSOLENCE.

Skin: Tuli Meredith – Mauve Melody 4
Jewelry: Earthstones; Necklace – Princess Pearls Classic White; Earrings – Pearls and Hearts Mother of Pearl
Shoes – Adam and Eve Classique – Black/Silver

Poses – Reel Expressions


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