You make me all warm and fuzzy… On the outside

Sweaters!! Its fall, and time to shift through your inventory and pull out all those warm and fuzzy sweaters. Or you can just go shopping.  Always, endless excuses to go shopping.  Today I bring you something old, something new and something blue purple.

First we’ll start with something old.  I shuffled through my inventory and came up with the Off Shoulder Boucle Sweater from Armidi and paired it with Tweed Slacks also from Armidi. Love the level of detail in the slacks and the sweater looks so warm and soft. Wish I had this one IRL.

Next we have sweaters from a store that is new to me, IBIZZARRE. When I saw the sweater vests come up on the feed I had to have them. It goes perfectly with a turtleneck or alone.  For this outfit I decided to add my favorite skirt in all of second life. Why is it my favorite? I got two words for you, RESIZE SCRIPT m’kay nuff said.

That is all for this weekend.  See you all next weekend where we’ll discuss lingerie. *sizzle*


Pants: Armidi Gisaci Journey Tweed Slacks – Black
Sweater:  Armidi Gisaci Off Shoulder Boucle Sweater – Devilsberry
Shoes: Tesla Hylda Boot – Black
Skin: Tuli Meredith Tan – Fushia Folly
Hair: Dernier Cri Lara – Black
Nails: Fleur French Beige Nails
Belt: Maitreya Leather Belt – Black
Jewelry: Earrings; Persona Mighty Heart Collection – Silver

Sweaters: Ibizarre Black Rollneck Shirt – black; Ibizzarre Knit Pattern Tank – Violet (Special Edition)
Skirt: Primitive Design skull skirt – black
Socks: WRONG Stripey Socks – black
Hair: Maitreya Jade – Pitch
Skin: Tuli Meredith Tan – Silver Shine
Shoes: AKEYO Chucks LowTop

Poses used include AnaLu Fresh Poses & uncredited photostudio poses.


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