A little bit of Sn@tch

For my first blog entry, I wanted to show something I don’t see alot of on the fashion blogs.  One of my favorite stores is Sn@tch. Last night I wandered in for my usual Friday visit, and I picked up a couple of outfits and some accessories. Lets begin.

First off is Spirit. Spirit is what my friend Don calls “The cheerleader from hell” *drool*. Comes complete with pompoms and legwarmers.

The second outfit I picked up was Cabaret. I have a weakness for thigh highs and garters with short skirts. Oh and don’t miss that cute bow on the back of the skirt.

TP over and get a little bit of Sn@tch in your second life



Hair – EDT Jellybean black
Skin – MMS Halloween Skin 1
Jewelry – Necklace: Digital Knickers Serpents Cross Diamond; Earrings: Digital Knickers Serpents Cross; Piercings Magicka Piercing 4; Belly Ring Sn@tch Dangle Skull
Nails – Sn@tch
Shoes – Akeyo Chucks
Eyes – Miriel Grey
Lashes : Celestial Studios


Hair – ETD Starley Elika’s Red
Skin – Tuli Meredith Tan Retro Red 4
Nails – Sn@tch

6 thoughts on “A little bit of Sn@tch”

  1. Hee, welcome to your new addiction, Lourdes! Great first post. 🙂 Both of those outfits are illegally cute but I have to drool over the Cheerleader. ^:^

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